Chef Jennifer Fuller

Chef Jennifer Fuller

I’m Jennifer, but most people call me Jen.  As a professional personal chef, I strive to share the delicious magic of health-supportive, plant-based food with anyone who wants to live his or her healthiest, happiest, fullest life. 

Growing up in a family who ate home-cooked meals together every night, often prepared from our backyard vegetable garden, gave me a taste for fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared into simple, clean, lovingly-made meals. As a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute, I am trained in traditional professional culinary techniques, as well as culinary nutrition and its application in designing a restorative diet and lifestyle.

My life’s passion is creating wholesome, all-natural creative meals, using local, seasonal and organic ingredients, for people who want to enjoy a delicious and health-supportive diet.  I truly enjoy the challenge of accommodating special dietary needs, including vegetarian/vegan, food allergies/sensitivities, gluten-free/celiac disease, heart-healthy, cancer care, Paleo, Whole 30, etc.

Additionally, I relish sharing my skills, education, and passion for healthy food with others through private cooking lessons, with a focus on working with young professionals, families, and children.

In my free time, I enjoy indulging my foodie tendencies by reading cookbooks and food blogs, and exploring the local food scene.  I also enjoy time spent at the beach, taking road trips, and quality time with my "fur babies," George (gigantic orange tabby cat) and Maggie (Great Dane-Dutch Shepherd mixed breed pup).